It’s worth checking out these fix ideas if you’re getting the Update Windows in Safe Mode error code on your PC.


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    In Safe Mode, go to Settings > Update > & Security and run Windows Update. Install available updates. Microsoft suggests that if you install a mod while Windows is running in Safe Mode, reinstall it as soon as you start Windows 10 in normal mode.Aria-label=”Contents

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    This article describes the best way to install and remove utility functions and patch updates on PCs running windows, in safe mode.

    Applies to: Windows 10 – All KB numbers: 818460


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    As a general rule, each installation of service packs, and therefore patch updates, is done when Windows is definitely working properly. You can start all your Windows computers in Safe Mode so they can help you diagnose problems. Microsoft gives you the following recommendations for installing service packs and patches when your computer is not running in realistic mode:

    Install Service Packs And Patches

    can you update windows in safe mode

    Microsoftconfirms that you do not install service packs or windows patch updates while Windows is running in safe mode.

    When customers install a service pack, it is possible that the hotfix installer determines which products are installed on the computer, not to mention which Windows features are included. Because some drivers and features are not available when Windows is in Safe Mode, the service pack or update installer may not correctly calculate which features need to be updated. If you download a service pack update or when Windows is in Safe Mode and then restart Windows normally, your family may experience intermittent file errors, possibly registry errors. Also, if you try to install a service pack or just a hotfix when Windows enters Safe Mode, you might get an incredible error message similar to our examples below:

    1601 The Windows Installer job cannot be accessed.
    Contact servicecustomer support to check if Windows is running
    Whether the installation service was successfully registered.

    Because of this situation, Microsoft recommends that you do not install any service packs or updates while Windows is running in Safe Mode. The program cannot start Windows normally.

    Remove Recommended Packages And Patch Updates

    Microsoft, your family does not uninstall all Windows service packs or possibly patch updates when Windows enters Safe Mode.


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    Because the uninstaller (uninstaller) of a service pack or possibly a patch update only restores environments (file replacements and registry changes) that were previously changed by the software, and since the uninstaller keeps a record of these types of changes, problems should occur when uninstalling the service pack or hotfix if Windows is running in safe mode. However, Microsoft recommends uninstalling the service pack or hotfix when Windows is also running normally.

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  • If you’re configuring a service pack or update and Windows is running in Safe Alert mode, reinstall it right after the normal Windows setup.

    The new version of Windows 10 can be purchased with Safe Mode, which can help users troubleshoot the latest Windows 10 operating system. You can identify and fix any problem on your system by maintaining Windows 10 Safe Mode. Safe Mode is not intended for regular use . You can set up order system applications in secure mode. If you’re already having problems fresh booting Windows 10, try safe mode.

    In this mode, you will probably run only selected systems such as TV programs, Windows Update, and System Restore. It is recommended that you do not use Safe Mode as you will not be able to boot your computer normally. If everything works fine, use this guide to troubleshoot Windows issues.

    Enter crash mode only when you can’t use your com normallypewter. If you select Windows Updates in safe mode, your family will have to reinstall them in normal startup mode because only limited components are installed in safe mode.

    Should I Enable Windows In Updates In Safe Mode?

    Note that you do have limited resources and services in safe mode. So this way will be the first step forward. You should reinstall any updated files when your computer starts up naturally. Safe mode is only used by fixes for Windows Updates that I’m worried about.

    How Do I Install Windows Updates In Safe Install Mode?

    can you update windows in safe mode

    In order to upgrade in failsafe and protected windows mode, you must load some kind of failsafe mode without windows. Do the following:

    1. Press the Windows key, then click the Utilities button.

    2. Now hold down the extra Shift key and click Reload.

    3.Click here to troubleshoot and then boot into the “Advanced options” menu ” >Launch Options” > “Restart”.

    4. You can see the parameters defined from the From list. Select Safe Mode with Networking, Supported is the last option. Type >.

    5. open now menu, run windows class and update it here.

    6. Open Windows Update Center, then click “Change Settings” on the left sidebar.

    7. Select Install updates automatically Check > for updates. Find all upcoming updates here. Click And install on your computer if necessary.

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