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    Recently, some users encountered coreldraw DLL error code 998 error code. This problem occurs due to several factors. Let’s look at them now. CorelDraw.dll error code: 998 Unable to load. Error 998 indicates that the library is very badly not found and the error program is Windows, although our own exact source of the problem has not been identified. What solution can be applied if you encounter the same type of problem. 998



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    After a series of searches on the Internet, I found a program attached to my computer that was blocking access to Corel X5.
    Method 1.
    Installation Usually revouninstaller

    procedure 2:
    I found a program called “Searchru” that gives others access to the Windows registry by displaying a toolbar. Installed

    What is error code 998 for HP support advisor?

    Microsoft Code – Community My HP Support The advisor has stopped working properly. The HP technician’s main recommendation was to download the latest version of HP Support Assistant from the HP website, which unfortunately I did. The only problem with the entire installation was that error code 998 prevented My HP Support Advisor from working properly.

    i REGCLEAN PRO program. I did most of the Windows Registry cleaning.

    Procedure 4:
    Restarted the machine in Le…..done!!
    Corel is working again.

    I hope this helped……

    coreldraw dll error code 998

    Olya!!! If you use a program installed on the Internet, you can install it without blocking access to Corel X5.>Localization of the main “searchru” program, which goes beyond accessing what you register Windows simply from the toolbar.
    Install REGCLEAN PRO. Run the process to actually register Windows.

    Reiniciei a sage máquina e…..Pronto!!!!
    Corel outra vez worked.

    If you don’t know……

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    Search has a big impact on many users’ computers. It would be possible to come up with many more fears. Have you installed such software panels? Try disabling most of the add-on toolbars in your browser’s add-on manager, and also remove them using the Alexa Plug-in Uninstaller if it’s on the list of installed programs, say i. I hope they work.

    KARAM said:

    That didn’t work 🙁 we all think I should format my own laptop and install it.

    Some bad run fans reported in Coreldraw. When they try to run it, they get the error “Coreldrw:.dll (and Corelppt.dll) cannot be loaded: error 998” or something very similar to this. This is a more typical case where something else is installed on your system that is interfering with CorelDRAW. Most of the users who reported this issue found that they had installed some type of “searchqu” malware on their personal systems. It may be delivered by others due to shareware freeware or software that you probably have installed. Just remove the command if seechqu you need to restart CorelDRAW.Article

    The How to Remove Seachqu blog provides detailed help on how to remove Seachqu from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Google, and Chrome.

    coreldraw dll error code 998

    Update 01/31/2013: Others have reported that most of their computers have the latest “APN LLC search bar” installed, which is also causing the specific error 998. Just remove it and my error should go away.Ride.

    CorelDRAW Error Definition

    Why is coreldrw DLL not working?

    For example, a faulty coreldrw application, .dll, would have been removed or moved, simply corrupted by software on your PC or a corrupted Windows registry. The most common error messages, by farWell, they are: Unable to start coreldrw car. Your computer is missing a dll.

    CorelDRAW Error 998 998 is often referred to as a learning error (error). With respect to coreldraw, software developers use a variety of tools to try and fix bugs as much as possible. However, it is possible that errors such as error 998 will not be fixed even at this special stage.


    In recent versions of CorelDRAW, the actual error reads “Could not load CorelDraw.dll, error code: 998.” may appear. In such cases, end users can notify Corel Corporation of CorelDRAW 998 errors through the user profile. Corel Corporation may then correct these errors in the source code and make the update available for download. Therefore, in all such cases, the developer will release updates to the program to coreldraw, fix the error message (and other problems found).

    Runtime Error 998 Occurs? With

    How to repair Corel Draw graphics suit?

    Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features. Click on the Corel Draw Suit graphics and click the “UninstallChange” button. The sentence has begun. you will find the “repair” assortment by the Method.

    A problem with the CorelDRAW source code results in a specific CorelDRAW 998 error, mostly during the startup phase. Let’s analyze some of the mostTop common causes of runtime error 998:

    Error 998 Failed. Error 998 can be a well-known error that occurs when every line of code that is wrong compiles the exact source code of the platform. This happens when coreldraw does not work correctly or does not understand what the correct output should be.


    Error 998 Memory leak. Memory leak error 998 causes CorelDRAW to increase in size and performance, which reduces system efficiency. Potential sparks can be “cyclic”, “infinite” or when the program is running a “cycle” repeating over and over again.


    Error logical error A. A misjudgment occurs when the machine produces incorrect output even if the actual user enters the correct input. This happens when Corel Corporation’s source code is erroneously poor-quality design.

    CorelDRAW Error 998 is always a common result of deletion, missing, or misplacement of information originally in a CorelDRAW setting. Replacing the Corel Corporation file usually helps resolve these types of problems. We areWe also recommend that you run the registry to clean up the many invalid CorelDRAW Error 998 references that can cause these types of errors.

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