Sometimes your computer may send a message that iis6 needs to fix SSL. There can be several reasons for this problem.


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    I’m doing technical workserving an old win2k3 system with (sp2) IIS 6 installed. I have a very strange problem that makes my hair fall out.

  • There are 5 configured websites that can run on each web server.
  • Of these, 3 large ones have active SSL certificates (and their own dedicated IP addresses with SSL, which are served on :443)
  • One of these websites has the following problem:
  • How do you test if SSL certificate is working?

    click on the image of the castle in the address bar of this site. In the pop-up window, click Certificate (Valid) You check the validity period to make sure the SSL card is up to date.

    When attempting to start the w3svc service (via reboot or stop/start website), initial connections to the SSL service for some online stores fail with ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR. I will provide additional diagnostic information below.

    Now a list of completely confusing consequences and attempted workarounds has been compiled:

  • If I click the stop icon in IIS MMC and then restart the site (not w3svc itself), the problem goes away.
  • If I set the website to an SSL port other than 443, the problem never occurs
  • If I don’t assign a different SSL certificate to the website, the error will reoccur.
  • I created a brand new website from scratch to helpTrust this key fact: the problem is recurring
  • In the instance manager, I can only see the relevant log information (application, system, or non-security), not to mention the w3svc log files.

    Filemon doesn’t actually show anything weird I can tell in (permission denied or archive found somehow), although I doubt the certificate was actually extracted from the file. I have

    I’ve tested many times with wget and the SSLDiag tools in general, each of which says more about what’s going on without going into diagnostic information.

    Checking Wire Shark shows connection just lost:

  • The 226-byte “client hello” packet that was always sent from the client to the server
  • The [FIN,ACK] packet is immediately sent back from the real server to the client
  • If the forum is “fixed” with the stop/start strategy above, the server responds normally (such a FIN/ACK packet is not paid).

    The above makes me wonder if this is a sudden page crash that causes the thread to closeIt appears just before logging in or the system performing any action.

    I’m confused, I’ve spent over 8 hours posting this bug and still can’t find a way to fix it. I’d like the person to really know what’s going on, but I’m really hoping to get some ideas on how to debug/test a lot more to determine what’s causing this issue.

    Note. There are limitations that I cannot avoid, such as reinstalling or updating the server at this time is not possible.

    Renewing The SSL Certificate Due To Unavailability Of IIS 5 Or IIS 6

    How do I troubleshoot SSL certificate issues?

    Diagnose the problem with an online tool.Install an intermediate entry on your webserver.greatGenerate a new certificate signing request.Switch to a dedicated IP address.Get a wildcard SSL certificate. Anyreplace URLs with HTTPS.Update your SSL certificate.

    If you are not using this IIS 5/6 user interface to renew your SSL certificate, the best way to get the first certificate without downtime is to generate a CSR with the details you want for the second one online on the same server. The website doesn’t have to be public, and you can create an app specifically for this purpose. You may not need to create a job site. you While building the network, the details of the webSites don’t matter.

  • Create a CSR.

  • Send it to digicert like this.

  • Get the certificate file.

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    Set your certificate as the generated server/website, CSR.

  • on the source website, replace the current certificate with the current certificate.

  • For a much easier way to renew an iis SSL certificate without downtime 5/6, you can easily use the DigiCert® Certificate Utility for Windows. See Updating SSL Certificates 5 microsoft iis.x/6.x.

    Create A New Website And Generate Accordingly En Csr.

    Your best bet is to let them generate a new certificate (CSR) that will be updated when you receive your SSL certificate.

    1. iis6 troubleshoot ssl

      On the server where IIS 5/6 is installed, right-click My Computer, click Applications and Services, and expand Internet Information Services.

    2. Click on the “Internet, Sites” folder and select “New Website” and “Favorite Website”. Then click Next.

    3. Create a site name that is trustworthy (for example, And, dummy-site) and then click Select the Next button.

    4. Why my site SSL is not working?

      If you purchased a not-so-great SSL certificate or didn’t activate Let’s Encrypt, that’s probably why your site is worse. You must have an SSL certificate or Let’s Encrypt enabled to secure your website. You can get them from the SSL Management section of your Account Center.

      Leave all IP addresses set to “For a trusted site not assigned to you” and click “Next”.

    5. How do I fix SSL error in Linux?

      update the system date and time.Check if your SSL certificate is valid.Set your support browser for the latest SSL/TLS protocol.Make sure your server is properly configured to support SNI.Make sure their encryption sets match.

      In the “Path” field, leave any folder suitable for this site (it will not be filled in, because this site is not always available) and click “Next”.

    6. On the “Permissions to use the website for” screen, leave everything as default, click and “Next”, then “Finish”.

    7. Right-click the fake site you created and select Properties. Click on the tab labeled with Directory Security, Just Server, click on the certificate and move on to the next one.

    8. Select the current certificate and click Next.

    9. iis6 troubleshoot ssl

      select prepare request now, submit it later, and activate continue.

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