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    Here are some easy ways to help you fix msconfig boot ini numproc problem. Boat. ini for is a text file containing boot options combined with BIOS firmware for computers running NT operating systems earlier than Windows Vista. It is almost certainly located at the root of the system partition, usually c:Boot. original

    On 11/25/2018 at 05:05 AM, dencorso safest said:

    The place where you save the files you need can be described as %windirDriver And cachei386, the second copy of it should run %windirsystem32dllcache.


    What is Wini INI for?

    INI is the base INI file used in operating models of Microsoft Windows systems up to Windows 3.11 to set basic startup options. By default, all wallpapers, fonts, commThe original screen drivers, screensavers, and language settings are stored in WIN.

    from safe mode or recovery CD:
    Navigate to c:windowssystem32
    make a backup copy of hal.dll, ntoskrnl.exe and ntkrnlpa.exe.

    Copy dllcachentkrnlmp.exe to ntoskrnl.exe
    Copy the time of dllcachentkrpamp.exe to ntkrnlpa.exe
    Copy halmacpi.dll to hal.dll;

    msconfig boot ini numproc

    Anew. I”

    How do I fix boot ini in Windows 10?

    In Customize the Windows Menu, click Next.Click “Repair your computer”.Select Troubleshoot.Select Advanced Options.Select Command Prompt.Type /fixboot bootrec log and press Enter.

    Now work, thanks for the missing dll.
    I wrote half of the Windows XP changes, but duplicated and analyzed some of the methods.
    I wrote them in Spanish and translated them using Google Translate. Pri We apologize if there is currently a translation error.

    May force the boot loader type NTLDR to load another kernel and HAL.
    In Windows, all 2000 can be done directly in Device Manager under Computer.
    However, on Windows XP you can only upgrade to a stock PC and simply can’t directly revert to without acpi using one of the following two methods, the end result is the same as the actual and renamed files end up being extracted to the System32 folder:

    – Method (manually copy, copy and rename the correct PC from the same HAL type). METHOD
    – B (automatic installation in the system after downloading files through any Multi-HAL-boot.ini, which received a third name in this case) (it is recommended to transfer it to several computers).

    Note. If you reverse and switch to ACPI from a computer that does not support ACPI, a driver reinstallation process will begin.

    How do I fix boot ini?

    Restart your computer while using the CD and press any key when prompted to boot the entire CD.In the setup menu for microsoft to open the Recovery Console, R media coverage is required.Select the system you want to use.When prompted to appear to change, enter the administrator password and enter the media.

    – METHOD A (manual copying, optimal copying and file renaming with one HAL selection).

    This method is desirableIt is advisable to use only in another operating system to prevent automatic recovery of WFP files that need to be overwritten before the system is restarted.
    However, in practice, usually windows does not replace duplicate files, so we can try this directly from the operating system itself. On the other hand, another WFP is simply difficult to disable and may require additional hardware.


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    We navigate to the WINDOWSDriver Cachei386 directory and look for the appropriate HAL related files, usually in the order they are listed in the store, to get the latest version.
    1º-Uncompressed i386 folder itself
    2º-Extract SP3 CAB file from or from the latest installed SP.
    (they are not included in the file)

    Later we copy it to a separate folder to select the files to be renamed and paste them, thus renaming the folder to System32.advantage

    1-at_pc-standard, Gold acpi APIC:
    unzip hal.dll ntoskrnl.exe ntkrnlpa.exe and copy system32 folder into it again Extract
    copy original System32
    Hal in .dll> then wthe best
    ntoskrnl.exe> ​​the same
    ntkrnlpa.exe > the same

    msconfig boot ini numproc

    Note. If the system may be ACPI-enabled, the game’s computer may need to manually add the “Human Apm Compatible with Legacy Windows on NT” device driver to stop APM, as well as simply enter the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ACPI-related driver entries. SYSTEMCurrentControlSetServices such as ACPI, ACPIEC, cmbatt, battc and therefore compbatt (the system automatically throws them into the Device Manager and configures new compatible drivers, but they appear hidden when the notification drivers are enabled).

    2 – Uniprocessor hardware required by at_mps, extracts for apic:
    us halapic.dll ntoskrnl.exe ntkrnlpa.exe rename halapic.dll to hal.dll and copy it to system32 folder rename original>
    extract and copy to system32
    halapic.dll> hal.dll
    ntoskrnl.exe> ​​the same
    ntkrnlpa.exe > the same

    Multiprocessor device, 3-at_mps using APIC:
    We get halmps.dll ntoskrnl.exe ntkrnlpa.exe, rename halmps.dll to hal. And copy the new dll to the system32 folder
    extract rename original> and system retail copy32
    halmps vers.dll> hal.dll
    ntoskrnl.exe> ​​the same
    ntkrnlpa.exe > same devices

    How do I find my boot ini file?

    Click Start, Help, select Accessories, at this point click Notepad. In the file navigation, click “Open”. In the browse field, click on the system partition displayed in the “Files of type” field, open “All Files” and find it, click on it. then ini, go to “Open” in .

    4-ATX, Advanced Configuration and Powered Interface (ACPI) compatible, with ACPI but APIC:
    Without halacpi.dll we extract ntoskrnl.exe ntkrnlpa.exe, rename halacpi.dll to hal. And copy the dll of these animals to the system32 folder.
    extract with original > rename to System32
    Halacpi copy.dll> hal.dll
    ntoskrnl.exe> ​​the same
    ntkrnlpa.exe > the same

    Mono 5 ATX ACPI PC Processor with Mono ACPI APIC and (ACPI Processors)We focus on halaacpi.dll ntoskrnl.exe ntkrnlpa.exe, rename halaacpi.dll to hal. And copy their dll to any system32 folder.
    Extract rename original> and System32
    Halaacpi copy.dll> hal.dll
    ntoskrnl.exe> ​​the same
    ntkrnlpa.exe same

    Note > 1. Due to a bug in Windows XP, this HAL does not display correctly on a control device that is available as ACPI multiprocessor when using any method. Does it depend on the setting used?
    Note 2: If this HAL 5 monoprocessor is unexpectedly loaded with HAL 4, the corresponding computer data files, 6 ACPI multiprocessor hals, will be installed automatically, although during this first run it will run as a new uniprocessor when n is not executed. without reboot. the same as the 6-core multiprocessor.togo,
    In order to save your real computer data, you need to copy it back (do the operation 2 times), so only method A works, they will not be installed. Does it depend on the computer on which the element is being used?
    Note iii: From this HAL 5 mono processor installed, it is not possible to switch to an ACPI hal 6 multiprocessor without first switching to HAL 1 or 4. The system will certainly start in HAL 6, but most efficiently by accepting classified files in boot.ini that will not be set on reboot, the next time the daily boot.ini file is loaded.

    6 Multi-processor hardware ATX ACPI with ACPI, Et apic (multi-core or multi-processor HT such as Pentium IV HT)

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